April 2020 


tender trust delicious ping woken sleeping languid urgent smiling un-ruled how did you know I just guessed screenshot finding story across outlawed lives on edges boundaries deep moving laughter bad play falling boy feeling healing you look like trouble jumping unknown a face like mine but a man but hot ‘til my belly hurts not knowing tumbling across the lattice laughing if I told you wouldn’t believe me unshaped scar shown


© Clare Price 


kind lightness learning it calmed me down talking letting delicious not clinging wanting tender smiling care bad it has changed me playful gave me my centre came so do you to be fair these stories held laughing longing lured heard delicate abstract take control of my body gentle held space smiling desire dream world what happens to very allowing paths slithers of matrix light thrown stretched out to other glistening patterns


you are definitely dappled rays on thin membranes of being still moves me mischievous light teasing filling powerful impossible important to me two for joy barely standing drive delight desirous zoom out pleasure pleasure


© Clare Price 


like a hurricane reclaimed there was more tenderness everything so close to the surface gentle strict strange edge less creatures between boy girl flesh delicate charge amped surrendered merging melting exact sensing overloaded scars fusing animal letting unknown forever avatar beauty last seen brief eternity holding breathless changed other falling frail intoxicating power barely this bolt storm dynamite not one for rules spirits butterfly eyes lightest poppy petal thin plumes ravaged illuminated this gossamer meniscus bomb the brightest white light burnt freed untethered floating violent rude feather on constant precipices softness and pain heat radiates iridescent wing thin my fragile body tremble fire cleansed



bright imprint sex sleep and violence prick close under skin clover four for a boy dope bruised whole hole clear clean meadow memory float flutter dusky rust wings this skinless life caresses pushes cracks open membrane held space shudder grip lightest touch precious seconds fear desire love hot tears fine lines play between bodies gentlest feather fly healing trees hum this visceral violet vivid voluptuous velvet vortex 

© Clare Price 


cabbage white light lilts lingers listless lit lustrous this unknown clearing touched ribs tilt hungers stripped two flitter circling spiralling reeling grasses spare gut sinews cried out senses on limits carnal grace bleached no control welling swelling kite dipping slipping still rise carousel chairs faint spindles slight empty fly spin twirl rough girly gauzy what’s not to racing pulsing beat licked lashes frees dewy droplet shining falling into clear pools 


I am no longer numb all feeling breathing chest chamber beating sharp uncoated acorn ribs ripple sapling future come in eight for a wish let’s play 


© Clare Price 


splayed spikes four corners fur inside crossbones women power ousted spat vessels ribbons guts garters edges outside anchors frost fear bounced truth cuckoo crazy mutton deepest friends in lands from other times chords awake everything is open I might make sense to you in time get it out stories straddle scapegoat you took everything from me knocked me about that was the least of it outside the chairs in therapy she was older than me her gasping sweats panic attack I felt my strength I stroked her burgundy jumper bra back flesh spilling then after tears flooded one day you will understand me cut separated felt up after a dinner party truth edges power cut over and over come back and sit around the table pretend it never happened one day you will feeling back gentle paths with and knowing softly


frilled finest toadstool white gilled flesh raw bloody dim light senses pop den why didn’t I give my dark driving dreams rudderless yellows one for sorrow desirous tramping fluoro woodpecker sunset gaffer swallow sequin voluptuous clouds pierce pink deepest lick red leaves bow wet fingers droplets on caplets glistening overnight disappointing avatar ping I can’t stop thinking about ... eye rolling just no gob goz spitting spat spit no black livery segments fury punch pissed unthinkable dawning - conker pom poms fluted pancake forms furred nippley heads thinnest of stalks last seen fuck off body splitting fury


© Clare Price 


crystal stops grasses heavy leaves rust acorn cups deepest fears harshest voices falling body listening play returned bottomless breathing routines clung spirit fired belly booting realness there is burning free blaze no control over me silky Thorns berry stick wood like this ? White flesh pancake toadstools squat moss dripping gifs yellow rust serated So fucking sexy nested lone ferns fading fairy rings structures tenderly falling unheld glossy mossy tallow 


red lick leaf tip luminous leaves dark falls pinprick lights in lines and boxes wet hope tense taut tight delight strictures peak powerful limits glow light seen highs mottled lace lines sting longer linger pink flick hot cloud edges forms in times pierced light slide tied yes wow seen tipped money deepest fear doped itch screen spasm held head darkness shone through glowing holes light tumbling times dark hearts heady everywhere softest sequined stories bound I let go gleaming 


© Clare Price 


flute ridge slip slap app shine cold heat hangs on warm fall misted distance curls lichen longs lazy lust lists listless it will be amped played splayed deepest shadows drop glisten glimmer darkest pool violent space want cleanest arcs sparkle points spike feather burnished birch peaked froth frosted wisps hot breath bodice lips low light look eyes crisp clear curves cut den rusted tipped span addicted memories fire droplet dewy dusky daisies



stroked sulphuric streaks skid eyeshadow gluts across luminous burnt polluted smears inky painted trails ok flat fierce facets float flush below dotted with reds whites gold pricks tips shining like a set pink globe dips kite tight drink puff poured poke pinprick pierced lights gentle downy satin smudged fishnet bracken brown fern fans powdered pearl frosted moon eyeliner slither winged through gentle skies sifted lift drifted glitter crushed crystals I am moving away from fear  

© Clare Price 



ruffled warmth through the unfeathered raw freedom there is pencil skies burnt ochre prickle softly supply supple creased murmurs twines vines twist twirl lean wrap hold roots hot mouthy tears bound tethered finest stalks bow translucent gold you can’t photograph it fired skins membranes finest fronds tassles what the actual sepia honeyed darkest kohl black graduated pink grey lanterns orb flimsy iridescent steamed dreamed rattled smoke


© Clare Price 


A Jay, the writer - ruffles rustles I got it wrong sticks stuck sucks silver silken sunken peeled pattern harsh stripped I am not tough frilly play crisp corners clamber feather felled felt intimate contact ridged self smile weft woven grace tingling on - moved silver strands stand push faintest fragile just about hope mush crouching scattered animal flirt dip dirt flimsy